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Great High School Match

Spencer Lee wrestling for his 4th State Title wrestling Austin Desanto, who he beat by 15 points (technical fall) the previous year. They later were teammates at Iowa where Lee won 3 NCAA titles and Desanto was a 4x All American.

Funky 2.0 - Keegan O'Toole Documentary

Keegan O'Toole is an NCAA National Champion. Follow his development path in this documentary. Coach Ben Askren is one of my coaching role models. He takes a long term approach to development.

Young Bucks Ep. 5 

Big Ten Tournament

Young Bucks Ep. 6

NCAA National Tournament

Young Bucks Ep. 1

Young Bucks Ep. 2

Young Bucks Ep. 3

Young Bucks Ep. 4

Spencer Lee - 3x NCAA National Champion taken to back by his Mom.

DON'T MESS WITH MOMMA! Technique is king

Bryce Andonian - 2022 NCAA 3rd Place; Ohio Wrestler

Football Score in wrestling match - From Saturday's Virginia Tech vs. NC State Dual

Spencer Lee 3x National Champion. "Excuses are for wusses"

Won 2022 National title with no 2 torn ACL's


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